8 Ball Pool Mod Apk 4.9.0 Download For android (MOD, Long Lines)

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8 Ball Pool was introduced Miniclip 2010. Over the years the game has gained immense popularity. Online sources confirm that the game has been downloaded more than 500 million times. 8 Ball Pool Mod APK is supported by Android, iOS, and web browser platforms. Games can be played by logging on to Facebook and Google accounts. 


It is one of the most engaging games that entertain its players the maximum. Players who in their real lives have played ball pool games such as billiard or snooker, enjoy this online game the most.

App Name8 Ball Pool
File Size60MB

8 Ball Pool Mod Apk 4.9.0 Download(60MB)

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Playing the 8 Ball Pool Mod APK Game

The basic rules of the game are simple. There is 16 ball total from the table that needs to pool by competing players. There are seven strapped and seven solid-colored balls. Players are signed colors by the game itself. Along with striped and colored balls, there are two white (cue/striker) balls and a black ball.


Each player has to pool the balls as per the guidelines. First the striped and colored balls need to pool finally, followed by the black ball. The player who finally pools the black first wins the game. However, players must avoid in the white balls as is this leads to penalties and negative points. This game can be played one-to-one and in groups during tournaments.

Beautiful practice arenas attract the attention of players and many friends join to play this game. During play, you can invite challenge players. Winning each game takes you to one level up and adds coins and points to your account.

Game Modes Variety

8 Ball Pool Modded APK Game can be played in the following modes.


1. One to one: two players play this mode. 8 balls are pooled and the winner has decided accordingly. 

2. Trophy championship: In this mode, 8 players take part in the game in form of tournament. Cross matches are played. Those who make the finals secure Trophy in the runner up places.

3. 9 balls mode: this type of mode instead of eight, nine balls are pooled. However, the order of balls is decided by the system. This particular option was not available in the old 8 Ball Pool but it is very well adapted to the new APK.

The specialty of the android-based game

The mod version of this game takes the interest and pleasure of playing this game to another level. Playing without mod is difficult as you have very little margin of error. With the limited shots, you have to pool the balls. There is no step by step guidelines available as well and your point line is limited.


Contrary to that in the Mod version there are several guidelines available and it is less likely to make mistakes or miss a shot that earns you unlimited points. With unlimited points even more perks that enable you to get the dominant cues. With spot-on cues and accurate shots always dominate opponents during one-to-one and championship games.

In the original version of the game when players made a considerable number of violations are likely to get banned. To lift the ban they to lapse such time or pay penalties for violations. Unlikely to the original version, 8 Ball Pool Modded APK anti-ban version gives you access to the unlimited coins and freedom to play without any considerable stoppages and barriers.

Game Ambiance and Controls


A user-friendly interface game has a traffic environment. The ball pool table is the major display item once you start playing the game on any of your screens, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, or PC. Controls are easy to manage, can strike balls with a variety of speed and spin effects.

Hence the game is played online, you can have a continuous score check on your screen. Clear and HD sounds play an important role especially when you playing the winning and scoring shots.

Salient features of the game

  •  8 Ball Pool Mod APK can be downloaded from Google Play and other modified versions of available on several trusted websites.
  •  The game can be laid on the device which has 4 GB ram and a minimum 1 GB storage.
  •  The main theme of the game is inspired by original Billiard, the popular ball pool indoor game.
  •  In the Mod APK versions of the game, you can easily jump to the level of the game. 
  •  The anti-ban conversion players can have access to unlimited coins.

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