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Coin Master Mod APK Introduction

If you are looking for a simple free game where can collect coin and build villages then 14. Coin Master Mod APK is the best solution. The game was first introduced by Israeli company Moon active in 2016. It is considered one of the most interactive casual mobiles games.


The popularity of the game can be judged from its demand as this free game has been downloaded more than 81 million times since its introduction. It is a single-player game that allows you to make money and collect though two ways; 1. Spin the wheel of luck and get the coin through lucky draws and 2. Attack other villages like a pirate and loot the coins.

There are limitations of spinning the wheel in on hour and you should be well prepared when you attack the other villages, your friends will fiercely defend their villages and may launch a surprise counter-attack as well. You need to build a boat as well so that you can sail out of your island attack villages in other islands.

Game NameCoin Master
Android Version4.1 and up
Current Versionv3.5.133
Last Update04 July 2020
DeveloperMoon Active

Building your village

A starting point if find yourself in a barren and deserted island. You have started from scratch and build the entire village. You have to smartly think when you start building the village. First of all, you need a house, a shelter for yourself.


You also need to fence the land where you intend to build different infrastructures. You can build cattle farms, storage areas, small shops, gardens, and green farms. To build all of these you need money i.e. coins. You must spin the heels to earn coins

Be the Super Pirate

Spinning the lucky wheel may not always earn you the coins. You should slowly and gradually build your pirate army of your own so that you can attack other villages and loot their resources. There will also of the scenario of attacking enemies and being attacked by the enemy.


You will ample chances to attack your opponents, destroy their villages, and grab their wealth. You can launch the revenge attacks on the enemies who earlier attacked you n took your gold. Though counter revenge attacks, you can not only destroy their villages but also take your belongings back which were looted from you earlier.

Key Animals of the village

The game is very interesting as it also focuses on some wild and domesticated animals that you can benefit from. Tiger, rhinos, and fox are animals that defend you when are under attack. The animals are chosen very intelligently by the game developers.


For example, the rhino is a symbol of strength, the tiger is a fearless and courageous animal and the fox is cunning and deceptive. These animals must be taken care of. If you want to keep them awake and always on the guard especially when you are expecting the attack from the enemy, you must feed these animals very well.

Pink Pig is another animal that will prove of great value when you find it while attacking another village of your enemy. You will get three times more coins when have found a pink pig. Three pink pig means great fortune, though it is very rare and extremely difficult to find three pink pigs at one time.

Characters of the game


The game has many characters that appear with time as when to progress to the next levels. You will encounter different characters in different villages such as ad Queens, witched, wizards, warriors, and other mythical characters as well.

The Valuable Cards


Card are valuable items of trade and exchange in this game. You need to have a complete set of cards to make trade deals. You will find a chest with cards of great value, eventually, you will get coins with those cards, you may use the coin to buy tools, weapons and other accessories required to support the life of your village. In Mod APK version it is easy to find chests full of such cards.

Download Coin Master Normal APK(V3.5.133)

Download Coin Master MOD APK(V3.5.100)

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Salient Features of the Coin Master Mod APK

  • It is a single-player free of cost game. To unlock certain features you may purchase coins and other resources.
  • The game is supported by Android and iOS platforms.
  • There are 200 unique villages in this game.
  • You and become a coin master if you complete all the 266 levels of the game.

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