Dragon City Mod Apk v10.1.2 Download Latest (Unlimited Everything)

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Game Overview: 

Inspired by the mythical creature called Dragon this game is a fantastic gift for the players love to see a large Serpentine creature moving and working at their will. Developed by Social point this Dragon City Mod APK game was first introduced in 2012. It is a multiplayer and PVP network game sported by both iOS and android platforms.

Dragon City Mod Apk v10.1.2 Download Latest (Unlimited Everything)


The players who use Windows can also download and play this game for free. This game has gained huge popularity as now more than 80 million gamers have downloaded and played this game. Dragon City Mod APK game can be downloaded and played on the mobile phone, tablet and PC.

The main theme of the game is to build a Dragon city and floating islands. The city architecture will mainly include buildings, streets, and different types of cultural forms. The focus of the game remains on raring cute baby dragons and turning them into dreadful monsters.

The player who comes up with the expanded city, resources, and of course the greatest dragons, becomes a Dragon Master. Hence it is a network and PVP game you may join the trade events; buy and sell Orbs, unlock special rewards, and create alliances.

Game NameDragon City Mod Apk
Android Version4.0.3 and up
User Reviews4.6 out of 5
Current Versionv10.3
Last Updated12 July 2020
Size102 MB

Download Dragon City Mod Apk v10.1.2(130MB)

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 Dragon Breeding and Types

The beauty of Dragon City Mod APK is that there are more than a thousand types of Dragons can be transformed into dragons of your choice to crossbreeding. Dragon city breeding guide is a comprehensive booklet that provides details on characteristics and combinations of different Dragon breeds and their outcomes.


It is important to understand that as dragon master you cannot immediately start the breeding of Dragons. You must reach at least level 4 and made the prerequisites by building infrastructure such as a breeding mountain or. Breeding tree. The breeding process needs patience as you would need to allow the dragons to lay eggs and hath those.

The baby dragons completely depend on the type of parents. It is recommended that when you start the game you should start raring high generation dragons so that you can achieve very good breed at later stages.

The types of Dragons are inspired by the basic elements of nature. Fire, ice, water, metal, and wind constitute Dragon-types such as Flame Dragon, Sea Dragon, Nature Dragon, Metal Dragon, Electric Dragon, and Pure Dragon. Soon as you progress to higher levels you may earn gold coins, breed different Dragon types, and create amazing generations of hybrid dragons.

Getting Gems 

Gems are used as a medium of exchange and current to be used in trading events. One must have a handful of gems to become area; dragon master. There are several ways to get free gems. However, going each level up is a fundamental and primary way to get the free gems.


As it is the game and a lot of battle arena there to prove the competence of players, once you win a battle of Dragons will surely get some free gems. You can claim a lot of rewards through playing the game consistently and daily.

By the end of the day, you’re leveling up and also gathering the rewards, combined together these rewards eventually turning into free gems. Though it is free the cost game, you can still buy gems if you wish to.

Dragon City Farm and Food

To the rare excellent generation of dragons, you need to feed them well. There are several ways to find food for dragons as it would not only upgrade your dragons but it would also more points and rewards. The most important and sustainable way of getting for dragons is developing farms.


Food farms and incrementally developed by increasing the size from a normal food farm to a big food farm and eventually to a huge food farm. You can develop an ordinary food farm by crossing level 1. Once you reach level 8 you can develop a big food farm with a cost of 25000 gold coins.

Ultimately, from level 18 you can develop a huge food farm worth 500,000 gold coins. A variety of food crops can be cultivated in these forms. Some of the costs of Dragon bell, unicorn horn, Ladybird blossom, and star shines.

Dragon City Habitats 

Habitats are buildings and places where you reside and rare dragons. As we have learned that there are many types of Dragons such as fire, water, and metal, the habitats also vary with the type of Dragons. However, you cannot build certain habitats at the initial levels of the Dragon City Mod APK game.


For example, Earth habitat can be built at level 1 of the game but Metal Habitat can only be built from level 16 of the game.

Salient Feature of the Game 

  • Dragon City Mode APK game can be downloaded, can be played one and PvP.
  • The game is supported by iOS, Android, and Windows. You can play it on the phone, tablet, and PC.
  • To become a dragon master you need to build dragon habitats and win the battle through your magnificent and ferocious dragons.
  • You can breed a variety of dragons as you proceed with up-leveling.


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