Fruit Ninja Mod Apk Latest v2.8.8 Downlaod | Unlimited Money | for android

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Fruit Ninja Mod Apk v2.8.8 Everything Unlocked

Do you want to be a ninja using a slicing sword? But you do not want to see any killings or bloodshed, right? Great, we have a solution, play Fruit Ninja. Fruit Ninja was developed and introduced by the HalfBrickin year 2010 first for the Apple devices and later got its entry into windows, android and Symbian mobiles operating systems.


The overwhelming popularity can be judged from the fact that the game has been downloaded more than a billion times so far. It has graphics with simple and relaxing gameplay, you just need to slice the randomly falling fruits appearing on your screen.

The gameplay on your device screen starts with a blade appertain on the screen that you can move in a direction with your fingers. The controls are easy and you have to keep slicing the fruits to gain points. If you fail to slice three fruits in a row the game is over for you.

Regarding scores, different fruits have different points. However, you have to avoid slicing the bomb that may take your lifelines and can reduce your scores. Fruit Ninja Mod Apk v2.8.5 Everything Unlocked is the free version of the game that also you play a hassle and barrier-free game with unlimited coins and pints to score. 

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Salient features of the game

  • Game is supported by iOS, Android, Symbian, and Windows platforms for mobile phones.  
  • The game is also available for Xbox 360 console and requires motion-sensing Kinect controllers, rests of the gameplay is the same as of other platforms. 
  • The game is considered a fun factor game that focuses on fun only unlike other games that put pressure on players with a high sense of the competition and difficulty level 
  • The system requirement is a minimum of 87 MB for the free and unlocked version of the game.
  • Game offer different of the blades, Blades can be upgraded by either spending the earned coins or buying directly from the game website. However, in Fruit Ninja Mod Apk v2.8.5 Everything Unlocked version you can get all types of blades for free. 
  • You can play the game in ZEN mode that allows you to play without risk of slicing the bombs. The time limit for the ZEN mode is 90 seconds. 
  • The game can be played by a single-player as well as in multiplayer mode. In the multi-player mode, the fruits are highlighted as blue and red for both the players and players have sliced the fruits of their colors. White fruits are neutral and any player can claim the fruits by slicing white fruits. 
  • The game offers daily challenges for both single and multiplayer modes. You can climb to the next levels and win prizes every day. 
  • Players can ultimately become the kings and queen been by reaching the last level of the game and slicing al possible fruits. 
  • If you hit and slice multiple fruits with singe swing of the blade you get bonus points. The type of blade is the key to slicing multiple fruits. Some blades stretch longer so the possibility of slicing more than on fruits is higher with such blades. 
  • There some rare fruits slicing of which can earn too many points. For example f you find and slice the dragon fruit you get 50 points that is a lot for a single swing of the sword.

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