Hay Day MOD APK Download 1_46_150 (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds) for android

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Game over view:

There are many farm games available in the market but they do not beat the popularity of Hay Day MOD APK farm game. Introduced by well-known company Super-cell this farm game has gained popularity much faster than other games.

Hay Day MOD APK Download 1_46_150 (Unlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds)


The Google Play marketplace is evident that the game has been downloaded more than 5 million times. More than 5 million five-star positive reviews also revealed that the game has never diminished in terms of its popularity and demand.

Another indicator of Hay Day MOD APK game’s popularity is that it supports more than a hundred countries and 50 languages of the world. The MOD version of the game does not limit access of players to coins, seeds, gems, and other farm equipment needed by firms during activities related to farming.

App NameHay Day
Requirements4.1 and up
UpdatedJul 09, 2020
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Coins/Gems/Seeds

Download Hay Day MOD APK 1_46_150(123MB)

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The Farm Work

If you’re thinking of working at an agricultural farm, this is the game that gives you immense opportunities to put your efforts into farming activities. It includes all kinds of activities ranging from sowing the seeds, watering the plants, feeding animals, taking care of farm equipment, decorating form, harvesting crops, and storing produce.


However, the beauty of this game is that you have to start and activities right from scratch as you will learn with each you perform. There will be many occasions where you would not understand the do, here comes the gaming Mr. Wicker (a straw doll) assistant who would give valuable advice on each activity you are performing and each landmark you are accomplishing.

It is important to note that when it comes to crops you will need to harvest each crop at least three times. After that, you can change the crop and put new seeds to grow another type of crop.

Talking of produce, the game gives you a lot of variety in terms of raw and finished products. You will be producing items such as milk, yogurt, butter, cheese, fruit juices, cake, bread, pastries, honey, eggs, and much more.

A list of the mentioned items indicates that along with the raw materials there are certain finished products as well. Take an example of cake, the cake is a finished product made up of flour, eggs, and butter. It means that you will have an opportunity not only to produce but also to turn your produce to finished products to be sold to customers.

Trading Activities

Trading refers not only buying and selling but also exchanging the products you have produced at your farm. At the initial levels of the game, you will be allowed to sell your products only on the farm. The process is that you will list the item to be sold in place based on the front door of your farm.


People from the community, villagers, and others will see the domestic products and make them driven by those. Some of the visitors will give you nominal ship exchange offers that you should not accept.

As mentioned, the earliest stages of the game you need to sell at the farm only but from stage 7 of Hay Day MOD APK game, you will be able to open a roadside shop where you can sell your products such as eggs, milk, meat or bread. It is advised that you should offer finished products such as bread or bacon because those sell fast.

You have to manage and boy most slots in so that you can sell more products. The game becomes more interesting and complex as you will be having access to the harbor after level 17. From the stage, you can transport your products to places and countries around the globe.

 Work Hard and Discover

Hard work is key when it comes to a farm game. Do not expect to find everything right from the beginning when you start playing the game. Soon as you start to develop your farm, you have to clean the grass, remove the stones, soften the soil, and cherish the plants.


With each passing day and work hard so that you can get new equipment and upgradation materials not only for the farming activities but also to upgrade and repair your buildings and house. For example, you may need new pieces of glass windows or boards and screws to fix your doors into your newly built warehouse.

With the passage of time and going to the next levels, you will unlock buildings that would fulfill your needs upgrading your farm.

People love to beautify the places they live in. You can decorate your farm by putting new fences, ornamental shrubs, flower borders, lamp posts, painted gates, and much more. This will give a unique look to the farm and you may compete with those who are playing the same game.

Wonderful Graphics and sounds


Hay Day MOD APK game has excellent ambiance in terms of graphics and sound. The movement of’ cattle in the background, flying insects from songs of birds and soft music gives players of this game an excellent soothing effect. Notifications with s soft alerting someone are not really heavy on the ears of the players.

Salient Features of the Game

  • Game is downloadable from google play store
  • Game is supported both by IOS Android platforms
  • It is a strategy game that required players to make both short and long-term decisions
  • The game has incremental design as it based on levels
  • The game involves all kind of tasks that a farm owner / Farmer has to perform, It includes sowing seeds, harvest, animal husbandry, farm extension, building storage facilities, trading, processing the raw produce to finished products such as cakes, bread, etc.
  • The game has a live background simulated ambiance that includes movement and sounds of cattle, butterflies, and insects.
  • Unlimited coins, seeds, and gems are the primary features of the Hay Day MOD APK game.

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