InShot Pro Mod APK V1.654.1287 Download (MOD, Unlocked/All Pack/Effects)

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Introduction InShot Pro MOD APK

The professional photo and videographer have alto of experience and are equipped with all kinds of gadgets and software to make their photos and videos professionally acceptable to their clients to professional compete with others in the same field.


However, it is no expected that a laymen with have access to access to expensive cameras and professional editing software. The only gadget which and video enthusiast can ambitiously use is his/her mobile phone.

Well, is it possible for amateur use to edit a video to the extent that it finally gives an impression of professional work? The answer is YES. With InShot Pro MOD APK you can every single type of editing you imagine doing with professional resources.

It is a brilliant application that can help you to add effects and edit your videos captured with your mobile phones. This application works perfectly well on the mobile phone as it is meant for mobile phones. 

NameInShot PRO
CategoryPhotos & Videos
Version1.654.1287 (Latest)
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All Pack
RequiresAndroid 4.3


Download InShot Pro Mod APK

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Following are some of the great specs of this APK

The cuts and joins

Yes, here we are referring to the long videos that you make and find most of the content nonsense as you watch yourself. The only thing you want to do is excluding some of the shots and polish the rest by giving them a very fine touch so that you could post your favorite video on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube.


Once you have captured the video on your mobile phone first you need to trim the video and reduce the playtime by throwing the rubbish out of it and giving it final presentable meaning by cropping it. 

Now you can trim a crop the video as you want. 

Adding the sound effects


You can add different sound effects to the videos. Nowadays funny videos are mostly watched not only due to the active content but also because of the sound makeovers and mimicry created through different effects and mixing. You can add countless effects and mix sounds to your video through InShot Pro MOD APK.

The Video Collage

You can join or combine your videos through this application. If you have a social media channel that focuses on some specific topics of interest such as sports, lectures, hunting, etc. You can now merge videos of the same category and post it a complied sequel of a specific category.


Such integrated and merged videos get more responses and vie on social media. If you are running or broadcasting social media channels you surely will have upper hand in comparison to your competitors who are also uploading similar content on social media. 

Control speed of your video

You can easily control the speed of your video. If your video is comparatively longer with some less important content but you do not wish to trim that content, rather you wish to retain all the content in the video.


The only solution is to increase the play speed of some of the content and maintain the rest with normal speed. This APK allows you to set multiple plying speeds for different sections of your video. Through this feature, you can reduce the paly time of your video to the minimum without excluding any content.

Salient Features of the InShot Pro MOD APK

  • This is a free application and the MOD version is especially downloadable for Android users.
  • It is a small-sized application that would just need 30.27 MB of your device storage.
  • It is easy to download and its user interface is packed with easy to use features. 
  • Through this application, you can share your video at multiple social media at any time.
  • The feature related to the addition of music and sounds works great, especially for funny TikTok videos.
  • The most sought and used video format is MP4. With this APK you can change your video from any form to MP4 within no time. This great feature gives you peace of mind especially when you are restricted to share a video just in MP4 format
  • InShot Pro MOD APKis not only the captures or prerecorded videos that you can edit with this app, but you can also make a slideshow of your favorite photos, add effects to it and run it as a colorful video with background music. 

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