Interesting Technology Quotes From Science Fiction Books Or Movies

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Technology is changing a day and it is often difficult to stay up with the newest and greatest in technology quotes. What I’m getting to neutralize this text is to supply you with five of my favourite technology quotes then I will be able to show you why these quotes are always true regardless of who says them or how they’re said. First, we’d like to debate one among the foremost common quotes that are floating around which is that the quote “If you’ve got a net, you can’t avoid making mistakes”. this is often absolutely true, albeit you’ve got a little net, there’s always some kind of mistake that you simply will make. this is often why technology is usually changing because you can’t avoid making mistakes, you’re getting to make them, period!

Interesting Technology Quotes From Science Fiction Books Or Movies

Second, let’s take a glance at a few other technology quotes that have recently inherit vogue. one among these quotes is, “You can’t get a person out of his car”, which is additionally true. Now, while many of us use a start, especially once they are becoming out of traffic, some people get out of their cars and drive home. Some people attempt to check out the large picture and realize “Gee whiz if only I could find out the way to drive home from here on the highway all the time”. Now, granted this might be possible, but you’d need to spend many dollars to buy such a study. And what about Arthur Blank?

Last, let’s check out one among the more interesting and somewhat controversial quotes: “You are what you eat”, which is nearly a replacement age variation on the “you are what you own” truism. during this case, the old truism was “You are what you’ve got .” which suggests that rather than saying “you are rich”, you say “you are fat”, etc. In any case, this famous line from Star Trek should be examined closely, because it says far more than simply your monetary situation. We sleep in a magical world and technology quotes are an excellent thanks to reflecting upon our current state of mind and the way we would like to ascertain the longer term.

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