Is time travel possible?

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Is time travel possible?

Yes! So-called time travel is theoretically possible in theory. It entails slowing down the travel of an object thanks to some change in its position over time. Basically everything about an entity depends on its current state at a selected time, be it present or within the distant past, future or present. If we will time travel back to our early years then the objects with whom we’ve formed a relationship would exist during a time before we were born.

Is time travel possible?

Is time travel possible consistent with the theories of special relativity?

According to special theory of relativity time travel can’t be done because it violates the space-time and thus time and nothingness. consistent with quantum mechanics’ time travel may be a possibility as long as one can somehow influence the coordinate system of that entity. this is often precisely what’s meant by a machine therein it’s a tool to offer you back some time for doing whatever you would like .

How is time travel possible employing a time machine?

A machine creates a tunneling effect which sends out laser pulses in nothingness . The pulses interact with the atoms of the substances and time travel back in time. we’ve variety of the way during which the atoms of certain substances are often altered. Some alterations are subtle while others are quite obvious.

How is machine time traveling possible using curved time-like curves?

In general a machine travels in curved time-like curves. Curved time-like curves always find themselves following a curve which is tangential to the time machine’s journey. this is often why it’s so hard to make time machines out of curved time-like curves. If such a tool might be built then perhaps time travel might be possible.

How do clocks work?

Clocks tell time by following a group of rules. One rule says that the clocks spring forward then fall back. Another rule says that clocks will move during a curved path. Thus the clocks stop at a given point and can continue traveling during a line until they hit an external source of your time like a passing cloud or an clocks springing disk. When this happens, the clocks tend to tumble then still travel during a curved path.

Why bother with all of this stuff?

Because, the physicists believe that point travel might not be completely impossible. They theorize that it’s going to be possible with an infinite mass. An infinite mass would haven’t any gravitational pull and time would run during a different way. Physicists aren’t sure how time travel with an infinite mass works but it’d be almost like what happens once you attend college after highschool . You took tons of your time traveling through a machine , then you visited grad school and college.

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