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Kingdom Wars Mod APK

There are many battle games available but none matches Kingdom Wars. It is an ultimate strategy game that takes to the heights of leadership and strategy making. The game was developed by Toronto based Reverie World Studios and launched in 2016. The theme of the game revolves around defending the castles, cities, and citizens of your kingdom.


The image of the enemy is usually mean and opportunist and friend loyal and trustworthy. However, in this game, you will come acres many gallant enemies and treacherous friends. You have to use your wit in identifying such characters. In similar internet-based games, players are interested earning coins, saving levels, and moving forward with a winning streak.

This game gives a real-time environment of war where the defense of your kingdom and glory is the ultimate goal. If toy are launching an attack on other castles you must be well prepared in terms of your army numbers, their up to date training, and the available military hardware.

Information of Kingdom Wars Mod APK


NameKingdom Wars Mod
Size40 MB
Mod FeatureBuy Coins in exchange for Diamonds!

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The resources of kingdom

As a lord, you always need to keep content watch on the available and needed resources. You are not living in times of peace even though you may relax for a while when you are not at war with your enemies. You constantly need to have food supplies for your citizens and armies.


Your agriculture field should always be productive. For you a top strategist it is very necessary to make sure that trade and trade routes of your kingdom are secure. The farms, mills, manufacturing units, households of your kingdom need to remain updated all the time.

The time so peace your army must be well equipped and should always train for the forthcoming wars. You may need to updates your map and refresh your rescues. If you are short of resources you may get from enemies by attacking them and seizing the valuables.

You may also request the essential resources from your confederates and friends especially in hard times of war and famine. 

Knowledgeable Lord

Your knowledge and up to date information on your kingdom, resources, enemies, developments in the neighborhood are key to your success. You should not act only as warlord rather you are an emperor of the empire who values the sources of knowledge, welcomes experts, and upgrades all aspects of the kingdom based on his knowledge.


For the spread of knowledge, you need to establish the academy where scholars would work and others will benefit. People from all walks of life such as military generals, traders, and advisors will benefit from the scholars of your kingdom.

You cannot buy a win

For the interest of players making this game a real strategy game, the so-called pay to win features is not available. Players focusing on winning will buy resources by spending money and will the game, this not possible in Kingdom Wars Mod APK.


If you want to establish yourself as lord or emperor you must earn it through successful implantations of your strategic plans and by getting glorious victories. During the war, money can be used to buying supplies and maintaining the defense lines. There is no such thing that you spend money and jump to victory. 

The Civilizational Identity

The game is characterized by the iconic base of the three unique civilizations identified by three races. These three races are Men Elves and Orcs. Racial identity is not confined to the physical features of the citizens. It refers to complete ways of life.


Al tangible and intangible features of particular cultural traits are exhibited through your chosen civilizational identity. For example, all three races are unique terms of their building and dwelling styles, use of technology, food, and dressing, language, customs, and even folklores on legends, myths, and traditions. 

Salient Features of the Game

  • The game is supported by MS Windows, Android, and iOS platforms.
  • It is single players game the game is played the real-time where actuals competition.
  • There are multiple modes of this game you can choose and play mode of your choice.
  • You can lay siege, defend your castle, or campaign for the unknown places in this game.
  • You can trade, socialize, and make alliances with other players in this game. 

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