Looking to buy oxygen concentrators online in India? Here’s what to keep in mind

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Looking to buy oxygen concentrators online in India? Here’s what to keep in mind

Here is an archive of sites where you might have the option to get yourself an oxygen concentrator on the web.

Looking to buy oxygen concentrators online in India? Here’s what to keep in mind

As the quantity of Covid patients keeps on going up in record numbers in the country, oxygen concentrators are in enormous interest. Patients who are experiencing Covid-19 and require oxygen treatment are searching for these machines as Hospitals keep on confronting a deficiency. Getting an oxygen concentrator online might be the most ideal choice for certain individuals, particularly if oxygen is hard to come by around there.

Here are a couple of online entryways where clients might have the option to get themselves an oxygen concentrator.

Where to buy oxygen concentrators online?

Clients can buy oxygen concentrators from stages like Amazon and Flipkart. In any case, the items accessible on these stages may run unavailable soon around there. Or on the other hand Amazon or Flipkart may likewise not be tolerating conveyances in your space right curr

If so, clients can likewise check different sites. Note that there are likewise a ton of sites that are misleading individuals by selling different items like nebulisers and humidifiers as oxygen concentrators.

Be careful with such items and just go for presumed brands that you trust. You MUST counsel a clinical expert on your item prior to making a buy, if conceivable.

ently because of a high number of cases.

Websites selling oxygen concentrators

1MG – Equinox EQ-OC-09, Inogen One G5, Oxlife Portable OC (Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,95,000)

Tushti Store  – OCM T51, OCM 5Y, OCM T25, OCM Q1 (Rs 63,333 to Rs 1,25,999)

Nightingales India – Devilbiss OC, Inogen G3, Olex OC, Oxymed, Philips (Rs 37,800 to Rs 2,15,000)

Healthklin – Aspen OC1 Plus, Aspen OC2 Plus, Equinox, Hemodiaz (Rs 35,000 to Rs 51,000)

Healthgenie – HG 503, HG 501, Equinox, Life Plus OC (Rs 27,499 to Rs 1,29,999)

ColMed – Yuwell, Devilbiss, Nidek Nuvolite, Greens OC (Rs 34,157 to Rs 1,06,400)

Oxygen Concentrators can now be imported for personal use

The public authority of India additionally as of late allowed the import of oxygen concentrators from abroad for individual use until July 31. Those in need who have companions or family members living abroad can now get oxygen concentrators from them through one or the other post, dispatch or web based business entryways under the blessing classification.

How do Oxygen concentrators work?

Oxygen concentrators work by sifting encompassing air, which for the most part contains around 21% oxygen notwithstanding 78% nitrogen and 1 percent of different gases. The concentrator channels just oxygen through the air and allows the nitrogen to retreat, giving clients air that is 90-95 percent oxygen. Remember, however that these gadgets can’t assist with situations where oxygen levels are dropping harshly, and can just assistance in moderate to gentle cases. The individuals who need high stream oxygen will require hospitalization. Looking to buy oxygen concentrators online in India? Here’s what to keep in mind





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