Download Doodle Army Mini Militia Mod APK Version 5.2.1 (Unlimited Grenades)

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Mini Militia Mod APK 

The Internet is overwhelmed with the games that showcase battles, wars, armed fights, and combat missions. Usually, the violence, killings, and culture is hallmark and integral part of such games. However, the emerging and widespread use of mobile-based games have changed the flavor of gaming communities.


Players of different age groups are more interested in playing games that do not necessarily involve violence. Violence-free combat games intend to provide healthy entertainment to the players and introduce them to the fun type of competitions within teams.

If you’re looking for a violence-free mobile application combat game then Mini Militia Mod APK answers. The 2D Game was first introduced in 2011 by Appsomniacs LLC and published by Miniclip. Game is supported both by Android and iOS platforms.

So far more than 50 million players have downloaded and played this game. It is a multiplayer game that can be played online with six players and with 12 players off-line through a local network supported by Wi-Fi. Primarily, this is a free downloadable game. However, you can spend money and buy some advanced features of it.

NameDoodle Army Mini Militia 2
File Size40MB
MOD FeaturesPro Pack Unlocked

Download Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia Mod APK Version 5.2.1 (Unlimited Grenades)

Doodle Army 3 Mini Militia_v1.0 (2.1 MB)

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Following are the important specs of the game:

Multi-player Game


Many players prefer to play combat games in groups. The purpose is to interact and enjoy with friends. This game gives you immense opportunity to play online within a group of 6 players and even more when you play offline through a local Wi-Fi network. Guess what? You can play in a group of 12 players which is double the online maximum number. 

Unlimited Ammo


Just like other combat games this game gives you access to a lot of conventional, modern, and futuristic weaponry. However, in a properly downloaded standard online version, you can use some weapons but not all. You need to download the Mini Militia Mod APK version. Through a modded APK version you can get all types of weapons you want and unleash hell on your opponents. 

God Mode

The likelihood of getting killed/eliminated at initial levels is very high especially when your opponents have experienced players, Losing health or lifelines and combat missions yet, again and again, add to the frustration of players and demoralizes you. Eventually, players quit the game as their interest diminishes.


Folks, go with GOD mode, you will never get killed but you will be able to kill as many as you want. Basically, you can get the God mode only though a cracked version, such modes are also called cheating codes. However, there is no cheating when it is just for fun. You can enjoy unlimited lifelines when you play with God Mode.

Maps Variety

Playing combat game with a map does not make any sense. May allow you to hide, find your target, locate your enemy, and score point by killing with accurate shots. Many games have a very small number of maps i.e. 1 to 3 maps only, this game gives you up to 20 maps.


However, you cannot get all the maps for free. Either you have to get to the advanced levels or purchase such a facility by opting for a paid version. Mini Militia Mod APKespecially free download for android gives you access to all 20 maps. You can enjoy all the advanced features of available maps.

Invisibility is worth mentioning features of some of the maps where you become invisible to others. You may see everyone and hit your targets without anyone knowing about it but nobody will notice you.

System and Device Safety

Rest assures this game does not pose any threat to your system or device. It comes from a verified credible source and cross-verified by google play. However, you must remain vigilant and careful when you are downloading Mod or cracked to play limitless.


Some fake websites showcase the hacked, cracked, new, upgraded, modded mod, or full-access versions but bombard your system and devices with viruses and spyware. Be cautious and take extra care when you are downloading the Mini Militia Mod APK from such obnoxious websites.  

Salient features of the game 

  • This free to download games with some advanced features that players can opt to purchase.
  • Mini Militia Mod APK is supported by Android and iOS platforms. 
  • It is a 2D multiplayer game.
  • I can be played both online and offline. 
  • Maximum 06 players can play online and 12 players can participate when played offline through a local Wi-Fi network. 
  • Mini Militia’s Mod APK version gives you access to unlimited ammo and you can play with God mode having unlimited health.
  • With Modded version, you can get 20 maps and Invisible mode as well. 

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