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SimCity Buildit Mod APK Introduction

Have you ever thought of becoming a mayor in a city? Imagine how exciting it would be to make critical decisions regarding the big city. If you want to do so your dream has come true. SimCity Buildit Mod APK is the game that revolves around the concept of city-building and running major operations of the city as a mayor.


Developed by Maxim and published by Electronic Art this game appeared in the mobile game arena in 2014. Since then it has been one of the most favorite games of players who enjoy city-building simulation games. This game gives you what you need to work as a mayor of a modern city.

It means that you will build buildings for different purposes such as manufacturing, education, banking, healthcare, transportation, leisure, amusement parks, and many more. The most important aspect of this game is that it is not all about building the city but also the inhabitants of the city.

You as the mayor of the city will do all the facts to make citizens comfortable. It will your responsibility not only to maintain the infrastructure but also to take care of the physical, social, psychological, religious, and other needs of citizens.

NameSimCity BuildIt
File Size122MB
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money

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Following are some of the most important specifications of the game:

Building infrastructure of the city

As the name of the game states, the first build the basic infrastructure such buildings that are required for inhabitants to dwell and fulfill the needs. You will be building the right of infrastructures for the citizens.


Infrastructure includes is not limited to residential apartment buildings, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and universities, hotels, government buildings such as fire brigade, roads, police stations municipality offices, and post offices, etc.

Building infrastructure requires planning skills. For example, if you’re building a residential apartment tower you must consider essential amenities nearby. Inhabitants must be facilitated in such a way that the residents of the neighborhood feel comfortable and happy dwelling in those buildings.

The basic infrastructure needs from materials and manufacturing tools and gadgets. Will start building infrastructure you must ensure that practice and sources from where the materials and basic elements of buildings come are already in place.

Make your city most livable and attractive

People like to visit those places which have easy access and infrastructures and eye-catching. You must build the city in such a way that it’s a combination of utility and aesthetics. People love to see places where there are green parks, man-made lakes, skyscrapers, shopping walls, legendary moments, and a variety of restaurants.


However, it is not that easy, you must have some coins and points to expand your city and attract visitors. SimCity Buildit Mod APK allows you to have unlimited resources and you don’t have to wait longer or to purchase the coin by spending real money. Having the modded free version you have access to what you need.

Take care of your citizens

As a mayor, it is your primary responsibility that you ensure the safety, security, and health of the inhabitants of your city. Citizens need to see everyday operations going smoothly without a hassle.


These operations of traffic controls and management systems, educational institutions, health facilities such as hospitals and clinics, restaurants and hotels, superstores across shops.

Any disruption or service interruption from these kinds of operations would surely undermine you are city Mayor. You may lose points if citizens launch complaints of protest.

Handling disasters

You will be challenged by different situations which may be regarded as disasters. These could be in forms of urban flooding due to heavy rains, earthquakes, chain accidents, epidemics, labor protests, and mob attacks during a football match.


Already the aforementioned extraordinary conditions disasters can be programmed and introduced by yourself. This is one of the ways to establish yourself as a successful mayor who can defeat of the challenges and stand tall in and after every crisis situation.

Successfully tackling a disaster or crisis situation will earn you many points and coins. Using those points and coins you may further enhance the infrastructure of the city or spend it on the welfare of the inhabitants.

City’s domestic economy 


Economic activity is the key to maintain a livable city. Trade centers, factories, banks, stock exchange markets, and some horticulture urban farms play an important role in economic operations. You as mayor of the city must ensure that the number of activities at the city remains operational of the times.

Essential features of the game

  •      SimCity BuilditMod APK is supported both by Android and iOS platforms.
  •      This game can be played a system having an MS Windows operating system 
  •      It’s a single-player game where the player can resume multiple functions
  •      This game can be played both online and off-line.
  •      The game’s Mod apk version gives you access to unlimited resources
  •      The game requires 2 GB RAM and 10 GB free disk space to play.

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