Stick Cricket Super League MOD APK v1.6.10 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Stick cricket super league MOD APK

If you are a fan of Cricket, you have played Cricket or you wish to play then Stick cricket super league MOD APK is the game you need on your device. It is a wonderful game that gives you a lot of choices in playing the fastest form of modern cricket that is T20.

Stick Cricket Super League MOD APK v1.6.10 (Unlimited Money) Download


Let’s have a look at cricket has the sports industry how it has become popular in the age of information technology. Cricket is one of the most famous and popular sport. It is played in many countries of the world. However, it is most popular in England, Australia, India, Pakistan, and South Africa.

The mainly three versions of the sport played internationally. The classic version is test cricket, in which a match is played between two teams surprisingly matches spread over five days. This is one of the less popular versions among young cricketing enthusiasts.


Another version is the one-day cricket, in this format, two teams play a limited-overs match spread over a total of hundred overs with 50 overs for each team. The most exciting and popular form of modern cricket is T20 or twenty 20 cricket.

It is the fastest version of working-age cricket in which two teams play 20 overs each of the match. This type of cricket is characterized by a smashing impact for success and piling the runs against the opponent team. However, the bowling side also makes every effort to get quick wickets to slow down the bolstering run rate.

NameStick Cricket Super League
DeveloperStick Sports Ltd
UpdatedMar 10, 2020

Stick Cricket Super League MOD APK

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Salient Features of the Stick cricket super league MOD APK

  • You can download this game for free and make your own team.
  • There are 70 participating teams around the world. You can choose your own team name and move it forward in the league tournament.
  • Just like other popular cricketing leagues renowned players take part in this online tournament league as well. You may choose the players of your choice and make that take you to the victory stand as a champion.
  • You can negotiate players so that they can become part of your team. The inclusion of the superstars into your team goes through the same process of signing informal contracts they usually do for the international tournaments and leagues.
  • Once you have established a team you may get into the match with the same process starting with tossing a coin. You bat first or an invite of the team to that, this is up to your decision as captain. However, it is really favorable to bat first and lodge a big score against your opponents. In the free version of this game, you can hit tons of sixes against your opponent bowlers.
  • Cricket is considered a game of records. Each ball played and each run scored is part of the records. All the performances of teams and individual players were recorded and become part of the cricketing arena.
  • Once you choose your team and register the players, you may track their performance throughout the tournament and afterward.
  • You may also build your career as a batsman and/or bowler and keep a healthy record of your performance.
  • During the match, al lth cricket in rules applies as they apply in real matches.
  • You can watch the replay of every ball bowled and see the fours and sixes hit by you.
  • There are all possible for a batsman to ways to get out by getting bowled in, it the wicked, being caught in the field or behind the stumps, being stumped or getting a runout or becoming a victim of the leg before wicket (LBW). 
  • You will witness al kind of left and right batting styles. You may choose your own.
  • All prevalent bowling styles will be exhibited as well. The Fast, off-spin, leg-spin, left arms slow, and even rare china min bowling style will be witnessed online cricketing arena.
  • You will be playing matches in world-renowned cities and stadiums. 
  • The weather conditions will sometimes play a surprising role and may change the entire course of the match.
  • You will also get the report on the conditions of the pitch. This will help you to decide whether to bat first or not after winning the toss. 
  • You may decide the batting order and even change it as captain during the match. 

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