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Subway Surfers Mod APK Introduction

Don’t stop, just run, run, and endlessly run. The Subway Surfers is characterized by continuous running by the Character Jake from the Inspector and his dog. The main feature of the game is endless running. This game was co-developed introduced by Kiloo and SYBO games in 2012.


Since then it has been endlessly downloaded by players of all ages and categories. According to the authentic Internet statistics, this game has been downloaded more than 2.7 billion times. This is more than any other game in the modern history of internet mobile games.

The story and gameplay are very simple in this game. The story begins with the character Jake who is an artist and wants to apply graffiti to a Metro Railway site. The character Jake is noticed by nearby Inspector and his dog, he warns loudly and starts chasing Jake.

From this point, the never-ending run starts. You have to run along with the railway line and avoid obstacles. You can easily be caught, if you hit an obstacle to falling for any reason, one caught your game is over and you have to start from the previous level.

Latest Information of Subway Surfers

NameSubway Surfers
Size81.6 MB
Supported DevicesAndroid, PC & iOS
Last Updated2020.07.09

Subway Surfers Mod APK Download

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Following are the main specifications of this game:

The Gameplay

The game starts with simply by Jake has to run endlessly chased by the inspector and his dog. The up-down key s can be used to jump and duck on the go, same the side keys are used to avoid obstacles and train coming from the opposite direction.


First time when you platys this game you would feel as if your nerves are being constantly challenged but over time you will get used to the game environments. The more you play, the more you will get the knowledge of coins, rewards, obstacles, and special features.

That is why this simple game has proven to the leader as it is being downloaded and played more than any other mobile game in the history of the gaming world. Once you score more your scores would be saved, now you can invite your friend and can play weekly competitions in a multi-player environment. 

Tour around the world

The beauty of this game the continuous festivity that never lets you get bored. You will travel around the globe through this game and sometimes see the metro stations and tracks would have commuted through or you are using every day.


The game also takes you through the many cities of the world which you have not even heard of. The HD environment of the game and the enticing interface has to memorize impact on the many players. You will see a new place and get acquainted with many cultures of the wolf through this game.  

Supportive Tools and Gadgetry

Many items are used as supporting tools and items. For example, if you are going very fast and you need to collect the coins at the same pace you can use ‘coin magnet’. The coin magnet will pull the coins like a magnet and you will lose any chance of the collection of the coins.


A hoverboard is another great tool that you can use to fly during the game. The flying Hoverboard gives you ultimate protection from especially from falling and collision. Be careful in its use as this facility is only available for 30 seconds.

After being on the hoverboard for 30 seconds will be back on the track, so you have carefully without as when the Hoverboard time will elapse and you get back on the track, you should not collide or fall while coming back to the normal mode of action.

There is another similar facility called Jetpack, it gives you great flight in most difficult situations. You have to spend a handful of coins to get this gadget. But 

Salient features of the game

  • This is an endless running game. It gets more and more interesting as you more to next levels 
  • It is a single-player game but you can play in multiplayer mode once you become an expert and take part in weekly reward competitions.
  • The Free Subway Surfers Mod APK version gives you access to unlimited coins, health/lifelines, and resources.
  • You start the game with the character Jake but you can unlock other funny boys and girls characters with surprise chest of coins as you move to upper levels. 

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