War Robots Mod Apk v6.3.0 Free Download (Unlimited Bullets, Inactive Bots, Money) for Android

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War Robots Mod Apk

You would have watched the science fiction movies with robots heroically fighting against other robots along with humans. The 3d technology has brought a revolution in the viewership of the popular modern cinema.


Many movie lovers want to experience the war zone with robots pf their choice, if you are one of them then War Robots Mod Apk is the ultimate choice. Developed by the Pixonic the robotic war game was first launched as Walking War Robots ion 2014.

The free version of the game is War Robots Mod Apk, it is one of its kind war games that gives immense liberty to paly PVP and league modes with great graphics and unlimited coins and lifelines. 

War Robots (Mod) Apk v6.3.0

War Robots APK +OBB 


Salient features of the game

  • War Robots Mod Apk is supported by not only popular platforms such as IOS and Android but also Fire OS, Stream OS, and Amazon as well.
  • Players can play and enjoy the game in multiple modes such as Free for All, Domination, Beacon Rush, Skirmish, Team Deathmatch, Arena, and Quick Match.
  • The player can play team matches with 6Vs 6 players. In custom matches, the payers are allowed to choose the robots of their choice but in matched where there are fewer players on the    
  • There are three types of weapons used in the game, namely the light, medium, and heavy weapons. The weapons can be acquired by spending gold coins. However, in the free War Robots Mod Apk version, players can enjoy the ultimate thrashing and devastating weaponry without spending a single coin.
  • Pilots are the specialized skills that can boost the waring abilities of your robots. You may get a legendary free pilot at an advanced level of the game, you will need Griffin to unleash the extraordinary powers of the pilot.
  • Titan is the most powerful and large robots. You can unlock the superpowers of titans once you reach level 30 of the game. Getting the titan is not enough you need to groom the titan by fueling it by capturing the beacons, destroying other robots, and minimizing your damage caused by your opponents.
  • The variety of maps give you access to a different type of landforms. For example, the Springfield map lets you into farmland and the Shenzhen maps allow you to wage war with your robots in city settings.
  • The War Robots Mod Apk has great engaging graphics that give eye-catching ambiance when the game is played in different landforms, especially when the robots are at war in space using a moon map. 

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